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About Us

Wick & Wildflower was created with love and joy by a married couple living in South Philadelphia. We infuse our creativity, personality, spirituality, and general good vibes into each treasure we create.

We are two individuals more accustomed to Theatre Magic than candle making. When the COVID epidemic closed down the live events industry, our world completely changed. We met backstage and fell in love while working shows together. Every facet of our lives is invested in our industry. Theatre is not only our work but our identity, our passion, our dedicated decades of experiences, our community, and our hearts. We wanted to share our creativity and love with others while we cannot be in the Theatre, where we belong.

And to shine a light, from our home to yours.


About our Ritual Treasures

Rituals are a common part of spiritual practice or inner connectivity, and can be a powerful part of meditation practice.

Always burn under a watchful eye, with a clear mind and a full heart.

Before igniting your treasure, breathe deeply. Be intentional, mindful, and present when igniting or extinguishing your treasure, to set the best of intentions.

Your handcrafted candle is made of all natural ingredients, adorned with ritual herbs and stones. It is gently scented to bring a calming aroma to your meditation, rather than the whole room.

  • Trim your wick to 1/4th inch, and burn on a stable surface away from other objects.
  • The ritual herbs or dried flowers on your candle are meant to ignite, as part of your ritual.
  • To best preserve your vessel, please be mindful of the temperature if burning for longer than an hour.
  • The vessel will be hot when lit or while the wax is liquid.

In many rituals, liquid is an important element. Allow the surface of the wax to become completely liquid upon your first burn. As the wax continues to liquefy carefully remove the adornments with a spoon (great use for extra takeout spoons!).

  • Being careful with the hot wax, place your adornments in or on the bag we included with your treasure and let cool.
  • You can use the texture of the bag to remove any cooled wax and keep your special stones in the bag for later use.

When your candle has burned out, gently heat & discard the remaining wax to reuse your unique vessel on your altar or in your home.

Every person is different, and therefore every ritual is different. We include ritual cards with each item to guide you through the use and care of your treasure. These are merely suggestions, and every ritual should be practiced with your unique intentions.


About our materials

In order to promote natural healing and a clean burn, all of our materials are sourced mindfully with natural vibrations and our environment in mind.

Most of our stones (the general term we use for crystals and mineral specimens) come from an all-female mining company in the US @DiggingDolls  – or are otherwise sourced from self-owned small businesses.

We use 100% organic soy wax or beeswax, hemp, wood, or cotton natural wicks and only natural essential oils. All of our flowers are food-grade and support small businesses. Lavender and Calendula are sourced from independent growers.

Intended with mediation or altar use in mind, our treasures are gently scented to fill your aura not necessarily your whole room.

Our candle vessels are sourced locally and up-cycled from previous use, or are purchased from independent wholesalers.

About our Photographs

Working in collaboration with our friends is a great joy! Our Photos are by Rebecca Gudelunas Photography. Please visit her website:


About Access & Inclusion

Wick & Wildflower is deeply committed to creating an environment of inclusion that is barrier free for all.

We advocate for unlearning bias & dismantling systemic and systematic racism and stand in support BIPOC individuals. We believe that LOVE IS LOVE, gender is a construct, and stand in support of our LGBTQIA+ siblings.

We know that the future is Accessible. And, that equal access is a Human Right.

If you find that our website, sales policies, candle themes, materials or any part of our business is in need of improvement to be intentionally inclusive of all individuals, please help us grow by emailing