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Bath Bomb


Evoke serenity in meditation that envelops the senses like a warm ritual bath. Center yourself in gratitude and sensory release as you allow your breath to release the tension of your body. Wrapping you in a warm sensation gently scented with sage, lavender, blood orange, ylang ylang and notes of dried freesia, rose petal and lavender buds layered throughout and swimming in the wax. Supported with the divine energy of Diopside, a mineral drawing its rich green color from chromium balanced with distinct bands of black and white, increasing awareness in love and intellect. Paired with natural deep purple Amethyst points to clear your spiritual energy opening your spiritual connection and intuition and red rose buds for harmony. Opposite, light Pink Calcite clearing negative energy and calming the mind paired with Blue Celestite and red rose buds to dissolve pain and open to self-love. Amethyst chips submerged fully to the bottom of the vessel to keep you firmly rooted in your power.

Shine this light for the healing power of a crystal and herbal infused ritual bath, inviting the healing and rejuvenation that only relaxation can provide.


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Image Description

a 10 oz clear glass cylinder filled with white wax, with flower petals seemingly floating throughout and adorned with colorful stones and red and purple flowers surrounding two wicks. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower grey board with other colorful stones and flowers surrounding.