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Centered on the partnership of Citrines joyfulness and Carnelians healing ability to open the heart to the curiosity of presence. Letting go of what should be or could be and to focus on the power of what is. With Grey agate to ground you in the natural world, and milk quartz to open your mind to positivity. Floating in the top of the wax is a mixture of sage, rose petals and willow bark to cleanse, clear and bring harmony to your space. The only remedy for envy is gratitude. 

Shine this light to to cast away comparisons or envy, to open your heart and mind to the daily blessings of abundance, to honor your current standing. 


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A 20oz reclaimed candle jar, filled with bright mossy green wax and adorned with red petals, with neutral colored stones. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.