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Fresh Squeezed, Kitchen Aids


The juice is always worth the squeeze, and creating something fabulous makes the effort all the more worth it. Ornately cut crystal in a pineapple pattern at the base of a 12 oz juicer, gently scented with Lavender and Lemon and set with three cotton wicks. Balanced in a Triangle for strength; raw blue Apatite clears frustration and supports passion without guilt, while vivid green Diopside increasing awareness in love, intellect and the divine next to Clear Quartz point to project clarity, and opposite a 3 inch tumbled Citrine with rainbows in its heart, for an abundance of joy. Small tumbles of Rose Quartz to remind you that love is the most important ingredient, and chips of Amethyst to promote spiritual wisdom and power. Adorned with Cardamom pods which relax the body and calm the mind & a double headed red Chrysanthemum at the heart.

Shine this light on a diligent process that yields delicious results.

Image Description

a  6 inch high, 12 oz cut crystal bowl with spout and handle, filled with white soy wax and set with three wicks surrounding a dried double headed flower. Around the edges are brightly colored stones of various sizes and whole cardamom pods. On the left of the bowl is a crystal juicer top that fits on top of the bowl candle, and in its position on the Wick & Wildflower gray boards it’s filled with dried flower buds. Other colorful crystals surround and a cut lemon half.