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Get on the Good Foot – Botanical


For a ritual foot bath and a moment of self care. Cleanse and detoxify while healing rough, cracked or sore swollen feet with a soothing and rejuvenating botanical ritual foot bath.

Pour our Foot Bath Tea into warm water and breathe deeply while you soak and soothe your feet. After, heal rough areas and cuticles with our detoxifying Grapefruit & Sage Balm, and massage your sore muscles with our healing and moisturizing Calendula & Hemp Massage Oil.

Get on the Good Foot, spiritually & emotionally and indulge your feet in a gorgeous moment of gratitude and self-care.

Each kit contains:

1 Foot Bath Tea, 4oz jar with Epsom salt, comfrey, eucalyptus, rose petals, jasmine, hyssop, hyacinth, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, and a Himalayan Pink salt stone

1 Grapefruit & Sage Foot Balm, 1 oz tin with sage infused coconut oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil blended with grapefruit essential oils and adorned with Strawberry Quartz.

1 Calendula & Hemp massage oil, 2 oz bottle with hemp oil infused with calendula, grape seed oil and vitamin E oil

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Image Description

Image Description: Image Description: 4 oz jar of white salt topped with herbs and centered with a pink salt rock, a bottle of oil with herbs floating inside corked with melted wax, and a tin of creamy ivory salver with a small red stone embedded. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.