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Have Courage & Be Kind


Centered on Botswana Agate, with it’s tell-tale eye pointed to the north, open your heart and mind to the season of change. With Tigers eye for courage, and milk quartz for kindness and small tumbles of red jasper for nurture and healing in your journey. Sweet Pea blossoms remind us that kindness costs you nothing, and means everything. 

Shine this light to approach a time of change with courage, to invoke security and stability and remain kind.   


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a 10oz tall clear glass cylinder, 9cm wide, filled with blush pink wax and toped with large tumbled stones and smaller red stones with pink, purple, and white flower buds. One of the large tumbles has a distinct eye shaped marking, a gray stone with a bright orange center to the eye. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.