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House Warming


Warming your new space, cleaning out old energy and welcoming you home.

Centered on Tiger’s Eye for protection in your new home for a clean low vibration transmuting negative energy, dispelling fear and anxiety. Paired with Blue Celestite brings serenity, opening the mind & spirit to new opportunities. Set with bright flowers and twin wood wicks for a homey calming presence and scented gently with clean and warm essential oils of Lemongrass, Cedar, Sage, Lemon Thyme, and Sweet Orange.

Shine this light to settle in to your new home, to protect your physical and mental space, opening up opportunity, new memories, and an abundance of joy.

Image Description

upcycled votive holder filled with white wax and a twin wood wick, with a brown stone and small blue stones with a bright red pressed flower.

A 10cm ruler shows the width is 5cm, the height is 8cm