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It do take Nerve


While charisma, uniqueness & talent will help, giiirrrrrrlllll it do take nerve. 

Balancing Chrysophase with Black Tourmaline grounds and protects your power while enhancing creativity to truly express yourself no matter your fears. With raw emerald balancing celestite to give voice and clarity to your truest desires and a clear picture of yourself and your goals, adding the strength of fluorite chips and an obsidian tumble to give fortitude and serenity in equal measure. Scented with Vanilla & Clove to warm the heart, and adorned with rosebuds for harmony

Shine this light to stand firmly in your power, to set fear aside, steel yourself to achieve your ambitions, and journey confidently toward success. 


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Image Description

8oz pedestal trifle dish standing 15cm tall, and 9.5cm wide filled with fuchsia wax with a semi-circle arrangement of light and dark raw stones, surrounding a magenta pressed flower. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.