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Love Lorn


It’s cuffing season –  time to get Boo-ed up for the winter months, and let love keep you warm all winter long. By no means a love spell –  LOVE LORN opens your heart to self love with Yellow Jaspers nurturing power, and raw labradorite with a noticeable flash to remind you that you are magic. Amethyst with Tiger’s Eye and Hematite offer triple protection from negative energies, negative emotions and negative self impressions. With chips of clear quartz and milk quartz to open your mind and bring clarity to your thoughts, and fig and rose for harmony, patience, and truth. 

Shine this light to love yourself first, and also open to the universe the possibility of partnership, intimacy and a little bit of fun. 


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6oz clear glass bowl, 12cm wide by 6cm tall, filled with fuchsia wax and adorned with colorful stones and flowers surrounding a single wick. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.