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On the longest day, may you feel the sun within you shinning with abundance and warming your senses. Let the fire of the solstice expand you into hope, connection, and revelation. 

Ruby in Kyanite fills you with compassion, strength and determination opening your heart and your voice in power. With a Clear Quartz point to project this intention, matched with dried grass to burn in gratitude for Mother Earth. 

Green Opal’s healing energy fills you with rejuvenation, reorienting your mind to bring spiritual perspective to everyday life. Paired with bright & invigorating orange calendula flowers (marigolds). 

Orbicular Jasper’s circular patters resonate with circular breath and natural cycles, helping to align your breath with the natural cycles of the sun. Aiding in meditation to instill patience, focus on presence, and support acts of service. 

These stones in combination ignite the fire within you, to burn as bright as the sun and heal your spirit from the cold and dark of winter. Wrapped with birch bark and lace to embrace, enhance & uphold this intention. 

Shine this light on the longest, brightest day to extend your rays, to gleam and to bask in your own glow to fortify yourself against the oncoming dark. 

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 a 16oz Rose Gold cylinder wrapped with a birch bark collar and white lace, filled with white wax and a braided hemp wick adorned with blue, green and clear crystals with bright orange flowers and a pale green sprig. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board with colorful stones & flowers surrounding.