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Mother Earth


We return our thanks to the Mother, giver of life and knowledge, which sustains us. May we honor your gifts with mindful use of our resources. We humble ourself in the magnanimity of your power and creations.

Grounded with Black Tourmaline in the center providing protection and grounded vibration, with Citrine in the east with sun energy and Moss Agate in the west to deeply connect the spiritual self with nature. A rare natural tumble of Diopside, a mineral drawing its rich green color from chromium, increasing awareness in love, intellect and the divine. Adorned with lily, freesia, calendula, rose, clover, fern, daisy floating whimsically around 4 spaced braided wicks. Moderately scented with lavender. Shine this light in honor of the Mother Earth, and connect with her divine natural energy.

Image Description

8 inch long, 3 inch high crystal cut milk glass biscuit tray, filled with white wax and 4 hemp wicks evenly spaced down the length of the tray. Adorning the wax is a variety of brightly colorful flowers and greens with rough stones in the 4 corners of the tray. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.