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Mrs. Patmore, Downton Abbey Collection


Stern and sturdy,  with a delicate flair, an 8 oz ceramic painted ivory and gold milk pitcher adorned with Lapis Lazuli for perfect clarity in speaking your mind supported by Petrified Wood which, like Mrs. Patmore’s butcher block counter tops, carries ancient wisdom and long service (in this case to our planet). Balanced with Blue Tiger’s Eye for generous heart and protection, Blue Celestite invoking a deeper connection to the spiritual wisdom gained by experience. Adorned with Jasmine, Lily, Bay Leaf, Calendula to brew a tea of healing wisdom sustained in the solidity of the gently sage and lavender scented wax. Shine this light to convert your efforts and artistry into acts of service.

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Image Description

ceramic 8oz milk pitcher, painted ivory with gold details with an ornate handle and wide spout filled with white wax and adorned with muted colored stones and dried herbs surrounding two hemp wicks arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board with a white matchbox and flaked jasmine buds