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New Moon, Full Moon – Selene


Connect your spirit with the phases of the moon with a set of two candles, each set with the best of intentions for the two major moon phases. Each is gently scented with a essential oil blend of blood orange, sage, cedar, lemon, and thyme. 

NEW MOON: centered on Citrine to celebrate the accomplishments of the prior month, meditating with high vibrations on gratitude and joy of the possibilities in a new month. With Blue Tigers Eye grounding low vibrations in serenity and amazement with Brown Tigers Eye grounding low vibrations in protection and self worth. Adorned with black salt for clarity and protection, red roses for harmony and juniper berries which warm with the wax adding their scent and guarding against negative energy and bringing prosperity. 

Shine this light to open yourself to the refreshing dark, and seize the opportunity of the new cycle of the moon. 

FULL MOON: balanced with a 2 inch aura Quartz crescent moon, surrounded by blue Celestite welcoming playful, joyful, high vibrations that bring clarity of thought and open the mind with the spirit in harmony. Amethyst joins the high vibes, projecting and protecting your personal power with Green Jade equalizing energy and promoting good health. Just below the wax swims alfalfa sprouts, eucalyptus and white willow bark to promote prosperity, and thoughtfulness with small rose buds for balance. 

Shine this light to shimmer, glow, and be your fullest brightest self, as you prepare for continual growth and change. 

May your space be blessed by these twin lights, may they bring the moons power into your heart and mind. 

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Image Description

Image Description: two 16oz clear glass jars filled with white wax and two wicks, adorned with colorful stones and flowers. One has warm tones with black accents, the other bright cool tones and small rose buds. Sold as a set and arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.