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Red – for the wisdom to know the difference between unconditional love versus romantic love ( Red Carnelian, Strawberry Quartz, Chrysanthemum, Thistle)

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

One of my favorite reminders: “We see things as we are not as they are” and sometimes wisdom is recognizing the difference between the two. The serenity prayer asks us to humble ourselves to the wisdom to see the difference in what we can control. To notice friend vs. foe, or popular opinion vs. personal belief, or even comfort vs. complacency, gives us the wisdom with which we move forward in our daily lives. It is the awareness with which we discern difference that makes us truly wise.

And, just like wisdom – all is truly revealed in time.

Our colorful Owls stand as a talisman for Wisdom, and each color represents an intention. These quart sized jars are adorned with an array of stones and herbs, to boost your discerning intellect, which are then submerged in the wax only to be revealed as your candle burns. Shine this light on healthy skepticism, critical thinking, and trusting your instincts.

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Owl shaped glass quart jars, each in a different color, and filled with white soy wax and a single wick are arranged behind a green onyx carved tiny owl on the Wick & Wildflower grey board. Each Owl candle is topped with stones and herbs matching the color of the glass, though most are not visible beneath the white wax, the forms and outlines are visible through the sides of the jar.