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Spellman Sisters


Raising a teenager to understand their power and use it for good can be trying and rewarding. Presented in a cut crystal wine goblet, standing on a tall pillar, rising above the nonsense like Zelda and full of good cheer like Hilda. Amethyst and Clear Quartz project spiritual power and personal strength through clarity of mind and high vibrations matched with Blue Tigers Eye for grounding energy welcoming lower vibrations to balance positive energy filters. Adorned with dried wildflowers, roses and lavender swimming in white wax scented with lavender and lemon. 

Set with the intentions of guiding your spiritual and magical growth, giving you the determination to choose what is best for yourself. 

Shine this light in honor of our sisters, we are more powerful together. 

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8 ounce tall stem wine goblet with cut crystal edges in a hexagon shape on the outside, filled with white wax and a single wick and a swath of wildflowers, with colorful stones and rose buds fixed in the wax. Arranged on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.