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The Aunts


Ever wise and all knowing, The Aunts remind of the stories of our history to help guide our past, and provide lessons and wisdom when looking ahead. They keep us grounded and connected to our ancestral power, and our generational strength. Tumbles of Feldspar, Green Jade, Tigers Eye, and Brecciated Jasper work in combination to keep our energy balanced, remain open to lessons, to bring problems to light before they escalate, to remain connected to family as well as be independent. Opposite is Blue Kyanite paired with Amethyst to tap into your personal spiritual self, to speak the wisdom spoken to you, to speak your truth and step forward in your power. Adorned with chrysanthemum in honor of Aunts we have lost and wildflowers for growth, floating on white wax scented with sage and lemon. 

Set with the intention of strength, courage and wisdom. 

Shine this light in honor of our Aunts –  our parents sisters, we are more powerful together. 


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Image Description

8.5 ounce smokey stemless wine glass filled with white wax and a single wick with colorful small tumbles to one side, and blue and purple stones to the other, with a swath of dried wildflowers in the center. Displayed on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.