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Wicked Sisters


Sold as a set –  two matching vintage cut crystal goblets on short pedestals are filled with herbal scented wax, and pair beautifully to balance as sisters on the same journey in the same time. 

Elphaba – pale green wax holds a large raw labradorite opposite a raw Citrine, embracing powerful magic matched unabashed joy, with tumbles of Tigers Eye grounding negativity and promoting wealth with Serpentine chips helping you reclaim control over your life and reputation. Adorned with safflower for celebration and thistle for thoughtfulness. 

Shine this light to step into your power, and release your past. 

Glinda – pale pink wax holds a large tumbled Citrine and raw Amethyst points center you power in joy and happiness when you see yourself as the center of your world. With raw Ruby in Kyanite in powerful combination of heart and throat chakras, to speak with passion match with raw celestite tumbles to begin spiritual development. With roses and sweat pea blossom sprinkled with lavender buds. Shine this light to ground yourself gratitude, and release your ego. 

Shine these lights together in reflection of those Sister who are on this journey with us, we are more powerful working together. 

sold as a set, one of a kind

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Image Description

two 8 oz low pedestal goblets, one pink and pastel tones one green with dark neutral tones, displayed on the Wick & Wildflower gray board.